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Entrust your

Paraguayan immigration

residency affairs to registered Paraguayan


licensed by the Supreme Court of Paraguay.

Finestra Law Practice has been registered since 2008 under the name of Abogado Jerónimo Finestra, currently FINESTRA Law Company.

Most major Paraguayan lawyers / attorneys do not handle immigration matters, however smaller legal immigration lawyers like Finestra will take care of your requirements. Furthermore, we do not send the big bills that big law companies are known for.

You might be surprised how many migrants, having completed the residency process and now permanent residents, are offering to organize Paraguayan residency for other expats. However, applicants frequently have legal questions related to other fields, so we would recommend using a lawyer. Also, problems could arise which, as lawyers, we are qualified to handle. In all cases, an immigration lawyer must be engaged for the citizenship process leading to a second passport.

We speak the 3 most popular languages used in Paraguay; Spanish, Guaraní and Yopará, which is the common everyday tongue spoken in all government offices.

English is really not used often in Paraguay, so many foreign visitors stumble. However, we speak English fluently to assist you with your immigration needs.

Paraguayan immigration lawyer - Jeronimo Finestra

Abogado Jerónimo Finestra Romero - President and Chief Legal Counsel

Born: 1979, married.


Elementary, Middle and High School: American School of Asuncion (A.S.A.), credited by the Association of Colleges and Schools of the Southern States of the USA. Class of 1998.


Bachelors Degree University: Law School, Catholic University of Asuncion. Degree Obtained: Lawyer. Class of 2004.


Post-Graduate: Master in Teaching Skills, Philosophy School, Catholic University of Asuncion. Year 2005.


Degree in Environmental Law, Environmental Policies and Management. Via Pro Desarrollo Foundation. Years 2006-2008.


Others: Public Acquisitions funded by World Bank, Santiago, Chile, December 2009. Public Acquisitions National Direction for Public Contracts, August-October


Working Experience:


Fiorio y Alvarado, Legal Counselors, providing legal counseling for international companies. 3 Years


Citibank N.A., Asuncion Paraguay, Judicial Department. 6 months.


Berkemeyer Attorneys and Counselors: providing legal counseling for international companies, in IP matters. 4.5 Years.


Lecturer at the Universidad Uninorte, Asuncion, Paraguay, for Rural Law and Air Traffic Law, since 2009.


Counselor for the Ministry of Public Constructions and Communications, since 2009, Litigation sector.


Official attaché for Prof. H.I. Latifee, during his visit to Paraguay. Professor Latiffe is the Managing Director of Grameen Trust, a financial institution that has been awarded with the 2006 Nobel Peace Prize, for helping people around the world to overcome the poverty line through access to fair loans.


Contact in Paraguay, for Felicitas Group Incorporated, headquartered in New Port Beach California.


Legal Counselor for the Ministry of Public Constructions and Communication, in the litigation sector.

Paraguayan immigration legal counsel - Maria Gabriela

Maria Gabriela -  Legal Counsel


Elementary & High School: The American School of Asuncion ASA

Bachelor Degree

University Law Degree: Law School Catholic University of Asuncion


Working experience:

British Embassy, Consular Clerk

Abente Saguier Law Firm, Paralegal in IP Law

Saguier Abente Law Firm, Legal Advisor, IP Law


Ministry of Public Constructions and Communication / World Bank,

Specialist in Acquisitions funded by World Bank


Internal Affairs Ministry, Advisor for the Deputy Internal Security Minister

Finestra Law Company Asuncion - Fields of Operation:

Paraguay Immigration / Residency / Migration Law, Civil Law, Intellectual Property Law, Environmental Law, Corporate Law, Public Law.

Trust Finestra, a reputable Paraguayan law company with a real street address to handle your Paraguayan immigration or permanent residency application and not a foreigner with a P.O. box or no listed address on their website.

Email us for more details about your specific immigration requirements or complete the form to receive your Permanent Residency & Immigration Paraguay Package.